$6.75 million in grant money awarded for Topeka Zoo, Constitution Hall

The state of Kansas has awarded $3.75 million for destination development at Downtown Topeka's Constitution Hall, shown here.

Wednesday was “a good working day for tourism in Topeka,” said Sean Dixon, the president of Stop by Topeka Inc.

He declared the point out of Kansas experienced awarded $3.75 million in grant funding for desired destination improvement at downtown Topeka’s Structure Hall, which was the web-site of events that served condition this nation’s record.

The state also awarded $3 million for that similar purpose to Pals of the Topeka Zoo, which manages the zoo in Gage Park, reported zoo director Brendan Wiley.

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$100 million in grants was accessible

The zoo and Structure Corridor are among recipients benefiting from the state’s “Building a More powerful Economic climate” grant application, which helps support infrastructure progress and progress economic growth opportunities across Kansas.