Bohol the “Jewel of the Philippnes”

Bohol is the 10th largest island in the Philippines with a land area of 4,117.3 square kilometers consisting of Bohol Island and 75 minor islands, located in the Visayas (Region VII). Famous places surround the wonderful island of Bohol. We have Cebu on the West, Island of Leyte to the northeast and Mindanao to the South across the Bohol Sea.

A lot of foreign tourists and even Filipino excursionists consider this place as a number one vacation spot for its natural taste of nature. Mother Earth have gifted this place with lots of natural treasures that would surely make Bohol an eye catcher. Here are some of these natural scenic spots.

1. Chocolates Hills – This Mountain of limestone formation is one of the most popular tourist spot here in Bohol. It turns brown during summer thus having it named as “Chocolate Hills”. Accommodations are now available on top of these hills with restaurants and view deck which has a full view on this world class spectacle.

2. The Tarsier Trail – Tarsier which is known as the “world’s smallest monkey” also considered as the second-smallest primate on Earth is indigenous here in Bohol. You will also have the chance to interact these rare species. The tarsier trails will also lead you to places where you can find flowers and other unique flora which is abundant in this place.

3. Baclayon Church – This is one of the oldest church in the Philippines situated in the oldest town in Bohol which is the Town of Baclayon. The interior and exterior design of the church was still preserved amidst centuries of existence. Some interesting relics can still be found on the church dating back from the 16th century. A lot of people take pictures in this historic and remarkable place.

4. Loboc River – Nothing can be more relaxing than a cruise at the Loboc River starting either from the town’s Poblacion or at the Loay Bridge. The cruise is made possible by a motorized banca popularly known as the floating-restaurants. Same with normal restaurants it has chairs and tables with great delicacies with bands playing music mostly jazz and blues style music but with a unique blend of Mother Nature. The buffets begin as soon as the cruise initiate. The trip is about an hour which will lead to a magnificent landscape the “Busay falls”. After some time of gazing, the return trip starts.

With these scenic spots, your vacation would surely be fun and memorable. Bohol does not only offer breathtaking spots but also places for some interesting activities that you can engage you with your stay in this place. Here are some of these activities.

1. Scuba Diving – This activity can be best enjoyed in Panglao which is popular for its diving locations. Trips can be manage to some of the famous diving sites at the Alona Beach. The well known diving sites here are the Doljo Beach, Napaling and Puntod which are known to be deep with strong currents.

2. Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour – The Bohol Sea is a haven for at least 11 species of dolphins and whales some of these wonderful creatures are the spinner dolphins and the popular sperm whales. The tour will give you a chance to go dolphin and whale watching in the waters of Bohol Sea.

3. Eco-Adventure in Danao – An exciting experience awaits you at Danao Eco Adventure tour wherein you can experience cave trekking, rappelling, kayaking, root climbing, zip lining and other extreme activities.

With all of these on your watch list, a week vacation on Bohol would surely be one of the best choice that you will ever make in your entire life. Surely a well spent vacation awaits you on this promising and magnificent place.

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