Dickerson Park Zoo takes steps to protect birds from bird flu

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – The spread of the bird flu has direct the Dickerson Park Zoo to limit general public viewing of some displays.

The Missouri Division of Agriculture not too long ago declared that the hen flu has been discovered in Missouri. The disease can be distribute when birds like geese and ducks migrate, which places some birds at the zoo at chance. Zookeepers are building attempts to shield their feathered buddies by limiting general public accessibility to the birds.

“We have shut down the general public viewing of the flamingos,” said Dickerson Park Zoo Common Curator Ken Harmon. “The rest of our birds are even now out. We have weighed the pitfalls and the virus is extremely susceptible to UV light. So we hope that will assist and maintain the birds as distribute out as possible.”

Birds unfold out around campus to protect against spreading any disease from just one flock to the future. Zookeepers are also limiting some bird’s exposure to the general public.

“We’re not using our schooling birds out on plans ideal now,” explained Harmon. “We have suspended that, just to try to assist thoroughly clean we’re subsequent precautions. We’re getting careful.”

If you come to stop by the zoo, you can nonetheless see the flock of flamingos from a distance. Zookeepers say they hope to have the show back open and involve birds back into the training programs in the next 4-5 weeks.

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