Feng Shui for Beginners – How to Use Feng Shui to Enhance Your Luck

Feng Shui is not a dish best served warm with some oyster sauce. It is the art of tuning you in with Mother Nature, so that she may notice you, stroke your head gently and impart upon you all of nature’s secret energies of wisdom, love, power, luck and wealth. People all over the world, including Chinese people have turned into the more antiquated recesses of history and have been using feng shui to enhance their prosperity and ensure their longevity. This is some literature for those not in the know, a feng shui for beginners so to speak – instructing all on how to use feng shui to enhance your luck.

Feng shui is using the power of colours, arrangement and design structures to make any living or working space sort of a tuning fork or sponge that can absorb as much good energy as it can to give you prosperity, luck and wisdom. Adversely, you could be stuck in a situation where the reverse is true, bad colours and odious arrangements make for the ‘scarecrow’ effect – driving away ‘Chi’ or good energy.

What we are concentrating here is on luck and I will explain a bit on that as well. Ancient masters of old China, well schooled in the arts of feng shui have divided luck into three bite sized and packaged portions. ‘Tien’, also known as luck of the heavens, ‘Ti’, a luck spawned from earth and ‘Ren’, the best luck of all, created from the tools of humanity and the individual.

Now Tien is the preset luck, it all depends on time of birth, location and family history. Ti and Ren however are entirely up to you. Ti or Earth Luck is the one you have the most control over. This luck is resonant with the energies of nature and they flow within the world we live in at every turn. This is also where feng shui is most applicable because these are the very energies or ‘Chi’ that you must tune to enjoy a lifetime of good luck and prosperity. The totality of the approach is this, what colours you use and how your house is arranged will decide how much and how often these energies will call on you and make themselves comfortable in your abode.

What you put in your house is also very important. Dried flowers, fake plants or anything with thorns or sharp jagged edges may just cut a swathe into the good energies and chase them away. Feng Shui identifies eight segments of life – career, relationship, health, travel, children, family, education and fame. Each of them has a place in any living and working space and anyone can use what they have or Feng Shui specific objects like crystals and stones to augment and control the amount of ‘Chi’ travelling through the house as well as balance the yin (masculine) and the yang (feminine) energies of the house – maintaining a balance that is ideal for wealth, luck and prosperity to grow. So use this feng shui for beginners guide as your first step towards enhancing your luck today.

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