Fishing Charters in Key West Florida – What to Expect?

Fishing in Florida is probably one of the main pastimes that this state has to offer. There are many places to do this throughout the state. From the crystal clear freshwater lakes to the brackish waters of the coastal areas and to the Atlantic Ocean itself, the opportunities are endless. But, for a real adventure, the Key West Florida fishing charters offers something more.

When it comes to fishing in the Key West, this is nowhere near your typical fishing trip. These are fishing trips that are clearly after the bigger fish and many times record breaking fish are caught in this specific location.

Fish such as marlin, grouper, dolphin, tuna, flounder, barracuda, spearfish, swordfish, shark, snapper, tarpon, and many others inhabit these waters and all are of substantial size and extremely good eating. There is nothing like a two hour fight with a seventy five pound tarpon or a one hundred and fifty pound marlin that can literally keep adrenalin continuously flowing through one’s body. Of course, afterward, one will certainly realize how exhausted they actually are. But, during the excitement of the chase and catch, nothing can match it.

And, many of the fishing charters at Key West Florida offer this exact feeling and excitement. They want you to catch the thrill of a lifetime and do everything in their part to assist. The Key West Florida Fishing charter will include any poles or tackle that a person would need, as well as the bait. Cleaning a catch can be an added price however, many times, it is simply the photograph or video that a tourist would want to both show family and friends back home as well as save for posterity.

There are many locations that can be fished in the area whether it be offshore in the Gulf or bottom fishing at the only reef in North America. Many wrecks are under these waters too and offer excellent fishing spots.

Tournaments in Key West Florida are readily available to join up with too and this can enable a simple tourist the ability to win a cash prize for their catch thus, allowing their entire trip to be funded by one fishing win.

Whether it be trolling or deep water fishing, there is certainly something for everyone. Key West Florida fishing charter captains know the waters quite well and know where to find the fish. This will ensure your chances tremendously at catching that trophy fish that many anglers dream of catching.

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