Great horned owl missing after break-in at Baraboo Ochsner Park Zoo

This great horned owl left Baraboo's Ochsner Park Zoo on June 6 or 7, 2022, after a person or group released several animals, according to authorities.

At least one great horned owl is still missing after an individual or group broke into Baraboo’s Ochsner Park Zoo earlier this week and released multiple animals, according to authorities. 

On either Monday night or Tuesday morning, a person or persons cut all of the padlocks on the exterior gates of the zoo and entered, Baraboo Police Chief Rob Sinden said. 

About 60 animals of 30 different species reside at the free-admission zoo, which opened in 1926, according to Mike Hardy, Baraboo’s parks, recreation and forestry director. 

Once inside, the culprit cut off between 15 and 20 padlocks on animals’ enclosures and also propped doors open, Sinden said. 

“It was a clear intent to try to stir those animals or release animals,” Sinden said.