How a 27 Year Old Tour Co Earned an Extra $390,000 With Easy Tourism Marketing Changes – Part II

Our case study of the California river rafting company Whitewater Excitement, Inc. and Tourism Business Strategies continues. Part I and II reveal specific tourism business, marketing, E-marketing and operational tools and strategies that earned this travel company with over 45 competitors, an increase in sales and profits of over 40% and made them one of the largest most successful rafting companies in California.

If you haven’t read part I of this step by step, how-to case study in small business success, do it now.

Customer Service & Operations Improvements

Numerous staff and operational improvements were put into place to enhance WWE’s existing quality service. The new additions to customer service will increase repeat guests and referrals for many years to come. Guides where very happy that tips increased through more post trip guest connection. New signs were added to the inside of the bus that said. “If our staff and guides have added fun and value to your vacation experience, please tip your guides. They deeply appreciation it. With gratitude, The Whitewater Excitement Team.”

A Guide Safety Board was posted to keep track of each guide’s safety and service record on the water. Better safety and customer service has been emphasized with through staff communication and incentives. You can never go wrong by providing continual training in safety and customer service to your staff.

Remember your staff is your most important asset.

Customer service works both internally within your team and externally for your guests.

Thank you postcards sent by trip leaders to guest after each trip was new for this operator. Far too often tourism professionals overlook the importance of developing relationship before, during and after guest visits. At the very core of the tourism business is service. Thank you’s are always appreciated and will lead to higher referrals and repeat guests. Get your guests to market for you, it always costs less and is more effective.

For better customer service and a major increase in your referral and repeat business, read the checklist – 9 Keys to Outstanding Customer Service for Hospitality & Tourism

10 – 1 Travel Marketing Return on Investment

According to Whitewater Excitement’s owner Norm, 2003, 2004 and now 2005 where record years after 27 years in business. This was especially rewarding for him and his staff since so many tourism businesses were down in ’02 and ’03. From 2003 – 2005, Tourism Business Strategies provided ongoing weekly meetings, executive coaching and project management in all areas of Whitewater Excitement’s business: marketing, E-marketing, sales, management, operations, publicity and strategic planning. Combined efforts, marketing investment and teamwork yielded Whitewater Excitement approximately a 10 to 1 return on investment. This includes all search engine optimization fees, consulting fees, paid advertising, etc. which has made Norm and staff very happy, busy and preparing for an even better future seasons.

Tourism Business Strategies now provides consulting, executive coaching and project management for Whitewater excitement as they launch even more strategies to improve customer service, marketing and staff happiness for ’06 and beyond, but in a reduced capacity. Because so many of the objective first laid out in the comprehensive business/marketing analysis action plan for Whitewater Excitement in ’02 have been accomplished, Tourism Business Strategies role and investment was reduced.

The strategies and systems put in place from the teamwork of these two companies will increase arrivals and profits for many years to come.

Many people worldwide are making a great living pursuing their dream working in the hospitality, tourism and outdoor industries. Why not you? Don’t let your dreams turn into nightmares of struggle, overwork and financial loss.

Attention Travel Professionals

Increasing your tourism arrivals, profits and success is like farming. You have to plant the right seeds in good soil, water and feed. And over time and your garden will bear abundant crops well beyond your investment. Investing in your education and having a professional tourism marketing and business consulting firm can cut 2-5-10 years off your learning curve, save you lots of money in expensive mistakes and increase your profits and arrivals.

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