Living and Working in Cyprus

The stunning Mediterranean island of Cyprus lies in the Mediterranean Sea in Europe and it’s a location with strong numbers of international citizens who have recently been moving to live and work in Cyprus and enjoy the incredible quality and standard of living that Cyprus offers.

It’s an island blessed with a near perfect year round climate, an island as historic as it is beautiful and a location where you might like to consider living and working if you want to achieve the perfect balance between enjoying your work and enjoying an excellent and varied social life maybe?

The lifestyle that you can lead in Cyprus is such a relaxed, sociable and fun one – Cypriot people work to live and expect their employees and colleagues to do the same. When the work is done or when enough has been done for the day you take your leave, you head for the beach, you meet up for a barbeque with friends or you drive to the mountains and hike or even ski in the winter – living to work or to chase the corporate dream are concepts pretty alien in Cyprus!

Of course, to be able to live this kind of laid back lifestyle the cost of living has to be cheap – right? Well, yes, and it is! You can live and eat and have fun so well in Cyprus on just a modest income which is why it is not only an amazing place to live and work, it’s a great place to retire, to travel around or to just live in and relax for a while.

Income taxes in Cyprus for overseas residents who earn or manage their money abroad are as low as 5% – and while to buy a coastal property overlooking the stunning Med will cost you a pretty penny, you can rent an apartment, a room, a house or a villa easily and affordably especially if you move back from the tourism hubs and into the local community – where I hasten to add you will be accepted, befriended, trusted and given opportunities.

Of course, if you want to have a career, a good job, prospects and an affluent lifestyle these too are achievable when living and working in Cyprus.

Nicosia and Limassol are the two main employment centres and many international and local companies have established massive operations here – Nicosia for example is a banking hub and a financial centre where you can work in investments, in accounting, in banking or just in general business. Limassol is the main port town – import and export, shipping and tourism are important economic drivers and main employers here.

And then right across the island of Cyprus there are opportunities in leisure, in tourism and in real estate meaning that living and working in Cyprus is a dream for many that can come true!

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