Surabaya is one of the largest cities in Indonesia and the capital of East Java. Most of the visitors are business travelers or tourists heading to the more picturesque surroundings of Mount Bromo. However, Surabaya has its charm and some lovely buildings from the Dutch colonial era, like Casa Sampoerna. Food is another big draw, and the tastiest and most delicious Indonesian food can always be found in the markets and street stalls. here is a list of ONE DAY TOUR IN SURABAYA

Surabaya Zoo

Surabaya Zoo is one of the largest zoos in Southeast Asia. This green oasis in the middle of this humid city is home to more than 300 species of animals, and many of Indonesia’s endangered species are represented here. They have the great reproductive potential for the zoo’s goal of preserving Indonesia’s natural heritage. There is also a large aquarium. At the zoo, entrance is the intertwined statue of Sura and Bayo, a shark and a crocodile, which symbolizes Surabaya. The Surabaya Zoo is especially popular with children.

Make a kaleidoscope of attractions in Surabaya

Malang is a small mountain town with charming and timeless old houses. There are some nice and relaxing walks here. Here are very comfortable hotels. History buffs would like to visit the surrounding 8th century Shiva temple. Close to Malang and the popular tourist destination of Surabaya is the Kebun Wonasari Tea House in Lavang. It offers a period of relentless heat, and tours of the tea plantations are fun. Beach lovers can head to Pulau Madura. You can get to the island by ferry or by the longest bridge in Indonesia. Tourists can discover the beautiful sunny beaches that Indonesia is famous for.

Enjoy a fun day out for the whole family, take a break from sightseeing, and visit Vista Bahari Lamongan. It looks like a huge amusement park with a giant crab at the entrance with cinemas, swimming pools, and water sports. You can also go to some of the nearby beaches or look for places to fish. Historic Trovulan is just an hour’s drive from Surabaya. The capital of the largest Hindu empire in Indonesia. Walkthrough its ruins and hear stories that resonate with your past. See the ritual pond and imitate the blue-blooded kingdom of ancient times before returning to the vibrant nightlife of Surabaya.

Kenjeran Beach

Kanjaran beach is one of the most spectacular attractions of this city, attracting visitors due to its beauty and countless water sports such as surfing, boating, swimming, and fishing. Besides, if you want to dive in a clean and sunny environment, eat some sun, while countless food options are not lost in road and beach restaurants. To be.

Witness Sights Galore

Another activity of children and many adults is the Pasopati submarine. A dead submarine, interested people can visit this submarine and learn what life is like and how it works. Annoying scales – always logical. And some giant cars are attractive. Ciputra Water Park is another great attraction for this family. Inspired by Sinbad adventures, this magnificent water park is designed for hiking and water activities for all ages. This is a perfect day for family activities, from flowing rivers to children’s pools and water sports. There is a Chinese neighborhood in Surabaya that hosts many Chinese immigrants who have come here for centuries. Here you can find beautiful Chinese cuisine with Chinese architects and several interesting temples and structures.

Traditional markets

Surabaya Hotels often offers details of local markets and bazaars for those looking for more traditional shopping, where visitors can buy souvenirs and taste local food. Expansion Ample is a market that sells carpets and other handmade products. Located next to a mosque, this bazaar is a tourist attraction and promises a memorable shopping experience. Another attraction is the G-Walk, located in West Surabaya, full of stalls and food markets. As soon as the sun sets, the market is full of life, and many locals and small visitors come to enjoy the food and good company.


The country is home to local handicraft temples, such as rattan baskets and fabrics. Lombok is a popular tourist destination known for its sights on Rocky Beach, the Geely Islands, Ganong Rinjani, and Duster Point. The island is the tallest volcano on Mount Rinjani, flattering from Indonesia. The two main cities of Mataram are the capital and bustling port of Ampang. Exploring both is fun. The south coast is rocky. From the west, with bright rice fields, banana and coconut orchards, and fertile tiling plains, it seems to stretch Bali. The sunrise is like a desert. The area is influenced by the Rinjani Mountains, offering dense forests and panoramic views to the north. Some spectacular marine structures, some with white sand, others near Ampenan, and with black sand. In Narmada, there is a large collection of women’s houses with a crown full of “freshwater” and built for Bali’s former king. In Pamanang, travelers can rent a boat and go scuba diving into the crystal clear waters of bright corals and curious tropical fish.

Mount Bromo

Active volcanoes in East Java Province have made it a hot tourist spot, and if you want to see an active volcano, visit Bromo-Tanger-Semeru National Park. There are two famous mountains in this park, one is a volcanic mountain where volcanic eruptions are common, and the other, Monte Bromo, is a mountain peak. But you have to get a certification to climb the mountain.

Shopping mall

Surabaya is also famous for its shopping. With disposable prices, you can buy everything from expensive fabrics to expensive arts and crafts. Some great shopping malls cater to the whole family, and there are also great dining venues. Most malls have large play areas for children, so adults and children can enjoy the shopping experience. With many places to visit, visitors can visit the Heroic Monument, the Sampurna House or Cigarette Museum, the Cheng Ho Mosque, the Jales Veva Jaya Mahe Monument, the Monksell Museum, and the Empu Tentula Museum. Visitors can enjoy great food and great food and enjoy their holiday in Surabaya Hotels.


Not surprisingly, tourists love Surabaya, and many people rent villas and holiday apartments with kitchens. When renting holiday homes in Indonesia, you can use them as a base to explore this incredible country. therefore your Flights to Surabaya will indeed be an amazing one