One of the 12 most beautiful lakes in the U.S. is in N.H.


You can expect to uncover it in the White Mountain Nationwide Forest.

Echo Lake in the White Mountains. Robert Linsdell / Flickr

Notice, lake enthusiasts: A single of the most scenic lakes in America is in New England, according to Journey + Leisure.

The travel publication not long ago introduced a list of the 12 most attractive lakes in the United States and incorporated Echo Lake in New Hampshire.

“With thousands of lakes scattered throughout the region, likelihood are great that you are no farther than a tankful of gasoline away from a terrific lake,” Travel + Leisure wrote. “But not all are designed equal: some lakes won Mom Nature’s lottery when it arrives to all-natural great seems to be, so we’ve rounded up some of the most effective lakes in the U.S.”

Here’s what the publication wrote about Echo Lake:

“In a southeast corner of the White Mountain National Forest, Echo Lake rests beneath the shadow of White Horse Ledge, whose reflection nearly addresses the 16 acres of drinking water. White Horse and the close by 700-foot cliffs of Cathedral Ledge are common rock-climbing destinations both of those reward hikers with attractive sights of Echo Lake under and the distant mountains. Tumble is significantly charming when those slopes erupt in excellent reds, yellows, and oranges get an up-shut glance along a single of the numerous mountaineering trails.”

— Travel + Leisure

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