One Thing Nope Brings To The Horror Genre That Daniel Kaluuya Thinks Is ‘Pretty Special

Darkness is usually the best backdrop for a horror movie, as one doesn’t know what’s lurking in the corners they can’t see. When it comes to the new movie release Nope, that statement still applies to parts of the narrative but, according to star Daniel Kaluuya, writer, director and producer Jordan Peele has done something “pretty special” with his horror film. As it turns out, the menace that plagues this movie is just as terrifying in broad daylight as it is in relative darkness. 

Daniel Kaluuya was recently a guest on the spicy food talk show that is Hot Ones and, in the early phases of his hot wing journey, the Nope star tiptoed around what exactly is so special about this movie. That being said, here’s how Daniel Kaluuya carefully praised Jordan Peele for his handling of the film’s threat: 

Yeah, because you can see things when the sun’s up. That’s the thing that’s been really interesting about this process, is like when it’s dark, you can’t look up in the sky and see — I can’t really spoil it — but [Peele] found a way to bring fear into the light, essentially. Which I think is pretty special.