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Whether you’re looking for a great night out, a taste of culture, or a place to have lunch with friends, New York restaurants are plentiful. Here are a few of the best ones you need to consider when visiting New York city after your Cathay Pacific flight.

Per Se

Located in the Shops at Columbus Circle, Per Se is the latest from three-star chef Thomas Keller. It is a French restaurant with a New American twist. It is open seven days a week and has two nine-course tasting menus per day.

The restaurant is located on the fourth floor of Time Warner Center at 10 Columbus Circle in Manhattan. The dining room is a blend of open space, understated luxury, and discreet drama. It boasts a gorgeous view of Central Park. The restaurant also features a bar, lounge, and private dining room.

Per Se is the only culinary establishment in New York run by Thomas Keller. The chef has been hailed as one of the world’s best chefs and is also the owner of The French Laundry. Per Se’s menu features classics from The French Laundry and newer choices.

The signature Per Se wine list focuses on Bordeaux and Burgundy. It includes more than 2,100 selections, including some rare wines.

A tasting menu, the “evolution,” is about to become available at Per Se. It is comparable to the “Hadestown” ticket and costs at least $1,850 per person after tax. The “evolution” menu will include classic dishes and new dishes.

Ichiran’s ramen

Known as “the ramen place in town” and a Japanese export, Ichiran’s ramen in New York has been getting a lot of buzz. It is a small Japanese restaurant that specializes in tonkotsu broth, the opaque ivory pork broth that is the signature of this type of noodle. The menu is not cheap, but the prices aren’t terrible, especially if you’re looking for a solo dining experience.

The tonkotsu ramen at Ichiran’s Midtown location is a rich, meaty noodle soup that is worth the wait. It’s also a good place to try if you’re looking for an unusual dish.

Ichiran also offers a “secret menu” with seafood ramen and other dishes. The menu isn’t too long, but it’s worth looking at if you’re a seafood fan. The “secret menu” is only available at certain times, but they have a few other options as well.

The menu at Ichiran is divided into sections, making it easy to choose a dish for yourself or a group. The “wabi-sabi” ethos of the restaurant also makes it worth the wait.

The menu has its fair share of snarky reviews, but it’s still worth a visit for its ramen. For one thing, they’ve got a “fire ball” ramen, and there are over 30 different ingredients to choose from.


Located in Prospect Heights, Sofreh is a restaurant serving authentic Persian cuisine. Owner Nasim Alikhani immigrated to New York from Iran in the early 20s. She worked as a nanny before selling her printing business and opening Sofreh. She credits Head Chef Ali Saboor with helping the restaurant thrive.

Sofreh serves a variety of Iranian dishes, including saffron rice, a traditional Persian stew, and a variety of desserts. The main dining room is located in a brownstone and is on the street level. It boasts a spacious layout and soft white colors. It has exposed rafters, molded plywood chairs, and a small deck overlooking the garden.

The menu is divided into three sections: a meat-based stew, a salad, and desserts. There are two versions of tahdig, the Persian dish of crispy “stuck pot” rice. The version served here has a pita bottom that gets drizzled with oil.

The menu also offers a yogurt parfait topped with a neon orange carrot jam. It has a white-rice custard that packs a horchata-like texture, but it lacks the cloying sweetness of other versions.

Sofreh’s milk bread is fluffy with a hint of sweetness. It is best paired with whipped Bulgarian feta and a sour cherry preserve.


Located in Greenpoint, Oxomoco is a posh upscale Mexican restaurant. It’s named after an Aztec goddess. It has the distinction of being the first to earn a Michelin star in Greenpoint. Known for its wood-fired dishes, Oxomoco is not short on options. Featuring fresh vegetables, flank steak, and pork cheeks, Oxomoco’s menu offers a lot to please the palate.

It’s no secret that Oxomoco is a fan of tacos. Their signature tlayuda is a pizza-sized tortilla topped with melted cheese, grilled corn, and hot sauce. It’s also an excellent place to grab a guava margarita. With a patio and an indoor dining room, Oxomoco is perfect for an evening of cocktails and grub. Aside from its food, Oxomoco is also a popular spot for delivery. With a nifty one-minute checkout process, Oxomoco’s customer service is top-notch.

Oxomoco is also notable for having the most expensive martini in the city. To quell your thirst, Oxomoco offers an impressive selection of tequilas, rums, and margaritas. Aside from the drinks, the place is also home to an impressive bar. With a long bar and a high ceiling, the place is also ideal for large groups. The establishment is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Pecking House

Located on Flatbush Avenue near St Mark’s Place in Prospect Heights, Pecking House is a New York restaurants that offers takeout, delivery, and dine-in. It’s famous for chili fried chicken and fried chicken sandwiches.

A recent Time Out New York list called Pecking House one of the best new restaurants of 2021. The menu features dishes such as smashed cucumbers, chili wings, and fried rice. The restaurant also offers a vegan menu and fried fowl. However, the standout is its chili fried chicken.

Pecking House’s chili fried chicken is crunchy and thick, and is covered in a firecracker dry rub. A meal of three pieces of chili fried chicken costs $35.

While the menu at Pecking House is not as extensive as at some other restaurants, its chili fried chicken is worth the price. The restaurant also offers a new chicken option with a salted egg crust. In the near future, Pecking House may even offer batched cocktails.

Pecking House’s chicken sandwich is sweeter than you might expect. The chicken is tossed in a dark soy sauce, accompanied by a thin cabbage. This combination is irresistible and makes for a beautiful presentation.

Pecking House also offers a variety of drinks, including beer. A bottle of wine is also available. The restaurant offers dine-in and delivery, and has a two-mile radius from the delivery area.

Le Bernardin

Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, Le Bernardin has been entertaining the city’s movers and shakers for more than twenty years. It is a world-class French restaurant that has been awarded three Michelin stars and a four-star rating from The New York Times. It is a popular dining destination, with a cellar of over 15,000 bottles of wine.

Le Bernardin’s menu features a combination of French and Asian influences. The dining room is a comfortable, modern space, complete with Nehru-style jackets worn by its waiters. The restaurant has been named one of the best in the world and has received more James Beard Awards than any other restaurant in New York.

Le Bernardin is located on West 50th Street. The restaurant is famous for its seafood dishes. Guests can choose between a three-course lunch menu and a tasting menu. There are several tasting menu options for a variety of budgets. The Chef’s tasting menu costs $295, while the Vegetarian tasting menu costs $170.

Le Bernardin has maintained its four-star rating from The New York Times since 1986. It has also been named the world’s number one restaurant three times. Moreover, it has ranked number one in the United States for six years in a row.


Known for their big, chewy bagels, Ess-a-Bagel is a family-owned bagel bakery that has been a Manhattan staple for over 35 years. The bagels are baked fresh daily and hand-rolled. Ess-a-Bagel has a wide variety of options including the traditional cream cheese bagel and nova lox, a whitefish salad bagel, and more.

Ess-a-Bagel has an online ordering service and will ship your bagel order directly to you. They will ship your order in an ice pack and send you instructions on how to freeze the bagels for later use. Ess-a-Bagel is also known for their coffee and pastries.

Ess-a-Bagel also offers a great selection of sandwiches, salads, and desserts. Ess-a-Bagel also serves some of the city’s best fish. The bagel shop is open daily from 8am to 4pm. There are usually long lines.

Ess-a-Bagel is known for its famous bagels and has a great reputation. The bagels are chewy and crusty. Ess-a-Bagel offers baked, boiled, and hand-rolled bagels. The bagels are filled with cream cheese and smoked salmon or hot roast beef, among other things.

The bagel can be eaten for breakfast or lunch, and is similar to a churro in Madrid or an alfajor in Buenos Aires.

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