Travel tips for summer: Experts detail where to go and when to buy

AUSTIN (KXAN) – It is summer and the world is falling apart. Inflation. Airports in crisis. Covid and more Covid. We should all be traveling right now but instead we’re watching the numbers at the gas pump going up and up and up.

Thankfully, there are some things you can do to save a few bucks and travel this summer. Meteorologist Sean Kelly spoke with the experts at Priceline about what we can all do to ensure this awful summer isn’t so awful after all.

Watch the interview above or read the transcript below:

SEAN KELLY, KXAN NEWS: After a few years of travel restrictions demand and prices are sky high, and this summer is set to even be a record breaking travel season.

Joining me today is travel expert Davey Sutton, who has some travel tips for those who plan on either going somewhere to relax or maybe heading out on an adventure this season. Thanks so much for joining us.

DAVEY SUTTON, PRICELINE: So the past couple of years because of the pandemic, people were looking for those outdoor and open spaces, but this summer, big cities are back, people are ready to socialize again, and big cities offer that with dining experiences, culture and entertainment.

So cities like Las Vegas, Orlando, New York City, Chicago and Seattle have been the most popular destinations domestically and internationally. Europe is a hotspot for Americans with London, Paris and Rome topping the most popular list.

KELLY: What are some tips to save for this summer for traveling?

SUTTON: Yeah, if you’re looking to travel by air make finding your flights a priority because airfare is expensive right now. And we expect it to remain that way. There’s a number of reasons. It’s the rising fuel prices, inflation shortages, on planes, and staff, everything that we’ve been seeing in the news.

I encourage you to be flexible, and I’m telling everybody to rethink your approach to travel. And what I mean by that is instead of booking based on the destination that you want to travel to that wish list that bucket list book based on what’s actually on sale, and for hotels, if you stay if you stay on weekdays, you’ll find a lower rate than staying on the weekend when prices typically surge.

Also consider bundling segments of your trip together. And that’s like booking your flight and your hotel and your rental car all at the same time. You’ll potentially save hundreds of dollars that way and you could do that easily on Priceline.