Why Volunteer With Wildlife in Namibia?

Voluntourism has become increasingly popular in recent years with more and more people worldwide looking to give something back on their trips abroad. It can also be referred to as a volunteer vacation or working holiday and can involve any number of voluntary activities.

One very popular trip to work on is working with wildlife in Namibia, Africa. Namibia is in the south-west of Africa on the coast and gets a massive 300 days of sunshine a year, yet it is not one of the most popular holiday destinations. So why should you consider a working holiday in this unspoilt part of the world?

First of all, Namibia has more than 15 national parks that make up around 14% of the entire land! This provides the perfect opportunity to see a much cared for environment and a hugely diverse range of species native to the area. The national parks range from huge desert plains to greener pastures, each providing its own ecosystem. While Namibia is one of Africa’s largest countries, you may be lucky enough to be able to visit several of the parks, working on a different project in each.

Namibia boasts a huge amount of exotic and rare wildlife – some that you might not even have seen in a zoo. Local species include cheetahs, leopards, lynx, zebras, wildebeest and giraffes. In some parts of the country, leopards and cheetahs are being killed for killing livestock so need protecting.

Taking part in a wildlife volunteering project in Namibia is the perfect experience for those looking for a career in a similar field. These projects will give you hands-on experience getting up-close to the wildlife and understanding their habitat. This experience would look great on any job application or CV showing initiative and that you are ready for a challenge.

Finally, a volunteer vacation gives you the opportunity to explore new areas of the world. When people usually go abroad they stick to what they know and look for tourist-safe places. Taking part in a project like this in Namibia will give you the chance to see the area with the help of a guide that knows the area. While there won’t be huge amounts of time to see the sights, you will get right to the heard of the country and come back with unforgettable memories.

Volunteering with wildlife in Namibia is a truly rewarding experience for everyone involved. Why not consider a volunteer vacation for your next trip abroad?

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